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Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that I am obsessed with Shadowhunters so when the opportunity arose for me to head to the French convention The Hunters of Shadows 2 and meet my fave cast as well as a huge chunk of my fandom friends I jumped at the chance.

I must stress that I have never attended a convention of any kind before, I was a tad apprehensive but I knew I had a lot of people who would have my back throughout the weekend. I have wanted to attend conventions since I was a teenager but never felt able to because of my anxiety so I am so glad it finally became a reality.

I can now officially tell you: IT WAS THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!

I met up with my friends on the Friday for the registration where we all sign in and gather our passes and extra’s together for the weekend. And that is when it really started to sink in that I was in a different country and I was actually doing this.

After an early night, Saturday began bright and early. The actors, were stuck in parisian traffic which is totally usual for these conventions so it started a little late, but the amazing compere and translator Sophie kept us all entertained. They also had an absolutely epic intro video which I still play over and over to this day. Then at around 10am things really kicked off! All 8 of the cast came on to stage to screams and applause. Right from the beginning they were being their cute, adorkable selves and it was a pleasure to watch. Throughout the day I managed to catch the Jade Panel,  Will and Harry Panel and the group panel! These where a lot of fun to watch and listen too! They were trying to not spoil us too much but they managed to give away a few good tidbits of information. First extras of the day where the photo ops and I had Jade, Will, Alberto, Harry and Matt. The first person I met was Harry and he was so sweet and made you feel totally at ease! Will loved that I brought british flags, Alberto was a bundle of joy as was Jade and Matt was just the sweetest and made you feel totally at ease and like you’d know each other for ages. I had also booked for a Matt Private Lounge which is where 30 people sit around with him and he answers questions etc! Because they were running late and had two groups they merged us together, and added another guest. So it ended up being a Shumdario private lounge which I was 1000% okay with. They talked about everything from fan responses, the ‘break up’ being like a kit kat, THAT bottle flip video and Alec making stupid decisions. It was the highlight of the day for sure. I also had my lightwood duo that day which was a photo with Matt and Emeraude. I knew exactly what pose I wanted do in advance, a fight pose as they are the best demon fighting brother and sister duo and I am so happy with how it turned out! In the afternoon I also got autographs from Emeraude and Matt. I managed to give both of them their gifts and I told Matt just how much he/alec means to mean.

A trip to the supermarket was in order as I hadn’t eaten all day. After an early night, Sunday rolled around.

We got stuck in straight at 10am again this time and I managed to catch so many panels! I saw Jade’s, Dom/Alberto/Kat, Will/Emeraude, Matt/Harry and the group panel! My two faves were by far the Will/Emeraude and Matt and Harry ones! I love how well Matt and Harry know their characters and how well they bounce of each other in panel situations. The other took me by surprise but I loved this pairing! They even ended up playing a quiz half way through when they found one on the table! In terms of extra’s first up was photos again! This time I had Kat, Harry, Emeraude, Dom and Matt! Yes I had Harry and Matt again! (Sorry not Sorry). Kat and Emeraude are as sweet and beautiful as you would expect! Dom loved the fact that I brought British flags with me and Harry and Matt were so sweet again! I also made sure I got final hugs off those two because, we’ll just because! The final photo of the con was the Shumdario duo, the choice was funny, smiling or badass and my motto is when there is a badass option take it always so we did a fight pose! The final thing of the day was autographs and I had Kat, Jade, Harry, Alberto, Will and Dom to do. Kat was so sweet even though she had lost her voice, I told her all about how we really appreciate her support at Neph updates and she thanked us for our hard work. I also gave her a little gift to! Harry was next and he was so sweet, I gave him a mug that says Dancing is the closest thing to magic and he really appreciated it as it embodies two of the things that mean a lot to him. I also gave a little gift to Alberto, who actually opened it on the spot (sorry to the rest of the queue), we had a great chat about books and he wrote a massive note on my auto. Honestly he has restored my faith in men my age! Will, Dom and Jade were also super sweet and appreciative that we took the trip! I managed to get out pretty quick tbh but it meant a bit of a wait for the closing ceremony.

Oh boy, the closing ceremony! I didn’t expect to cry this weekend but the closing ceremony definitely did it! As the show has just recently been cancelled fans put together a video to say thank you to the cast, the cast were saying thank you to us and they started to cry, the translator explained how much the show means to everyone in the room and started crying and then the whole room was a mess. I took a photo of how bad I looked after crying (don’t worry I will spare you) and we all spent a while just hugging it out, taking pictures and then my friends and I headed out for food! I have never wanted a McDonalds so much in my life – we eat our feelings and laughed to our hearts content.

This truly was the best weekend of my life (no exaggeration). I was so proud of myself for what I achieve, i got to hang out with my friends, I got to meet the cast. This community behind the show is like the second family I didn’t now I needed but I love them 1001% and don’t know where I would be without them all to this day.

Here’s to THOS3!

Have you ever been to a convention? Let me know in the comments below

Charlotte xoxox

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