Turtle Bay Cocktail Table Service

Turtle Bay as become a staple night out spot for many a Southampton resident but I hate to admit it had been a LONG while since I had last visited.

I was invited along as part of Southampton Bloggers to try out their new cocktails (or in my case Mocktails) and experience the Cocktail table service along with some scrummy food! I think being able to book a table solely to enjoy cocktails is a fantastic idea as it helps you avoid the stress of trying to find an empty spot at the bar. I am not a huge drinker (hence the Mocktails) but i have seen the scrum at bars and restaurants to get a space in the drinks only sections and it’s not pretty and I think it is fab that Turtle Bay are rectifying this with their new Table Service for Cocktails.

As long as trying their drinks, Turtle Bay spoilt us with a HUGE array of food catering to all different food behaviours. I was delighted to find that there was a hell of a lot more veggie and vegan options on the menu since my last visit! So I was fully prepared to dig in.

The first cocktail they brought round was The Side Chick Martini, which was their take on a pornstar martini! For the non-alcohol drinkers amongst us they provided us with a Nojito which was made of Strawberry & mint, vanilla, lime & apple juices. It was super refreshing and a great addition!

Whilst we were devouring our first round of cocktails they brought around a whole host of food and I was super impressed with the amount of Vegetarian options – we definitely were not short of food to eat. I adored the Veggie Platter which included Sweet corn fritters, crispy okra, jerk pit grilled mushroom & peppers with spicy jerk, halloumi and mango flatbread, plantain, super green salad. The garlic and herb flat bread, crammed halloumi, carribean hummus and Dirty Curry Fries were some other personal favourites.

After we had well and truly stuffed our selves with all kinds of yummy carribean food – we were provided with 2 more cocktails and their brand new shooters!

When was the last time you visited Turtle Bay – maybe you should make it your next foodie destination.

Until Next tIme,

Charlotte xoxoxox


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