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Without a doubt my favourite clothes to wear are things that are super comfy but stylish at the same time. Things that you can just throw on and you know will go well together. Last weekend, there was no better weather to show you the few pieces that Femme Luxe were kind enough to send me.

The first item is this gorgeous VOGUE crop top that I have seen various retailers selling and have had my eye on for a while now! It is so comfy and the perfect fit, accentuating and hiding all the right parts of your upper body! I then paired this with these Black Layered High Waist Mini Frill Shorts. They look like a skirt but give you the added protection of them being shorts!

High Waisted Shorts

Crop Top

With a lot of holidays on the horizon it made logical sense for my next pick to be a beach town. I adore the print on this white and blue circular towel which is perfect for lounging around on the beach.

Paisley Print Beach Towel

My final pick was this Long Sleeve Rainbow tracksuit! Tracksuits are the epitome of comfort and I adore anything with rainbow colours on it so this was a perfect fit! It is so comfortable!

Rose Long Sleeve Rainbow Tracksuit

Where are your favourite places to get comfortable and stylish clothing from?

Love and Laughs

Charlotte xoxox

* I was kindly gifted these by the team at Femme Luxe – all opinions are my own.

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