PROGRESS: 25 before 25

I cannot believe how long ago it was that I wrote my 25 before 25 list and now I am turning 25 this week! EEK! I made so much better progress with this list than I thought that I would so take a look below at what I managed to achieve.

  1. Get a tattoo // after years of wanting to complete this one I finally did it and I couldn’t be happier! I absolutely adore my new tattoo and even have an appointment for some more. 
  2. Go to a West End Musical actually in the West End // I really am spoilt for choice with the musicals we have available down South but I really do need to make a trip up to London to see something soon. – Saw Matilda in the West in in January 2018 and Kinky Boots in May 2018. 
  3. Go to a convention // A room full of your favourite people. Something I definitely need to experience for myself. // I was extremely fortunate enough to be able to attend The Hunters of Shadow 2 Convention in Paris this year! This was a two day event for all things Shadowhunters. 
  4. Meet an online friend in person // All of my blogging friends started off as people I would just speak to online and are now some of my best friends. I also had the awesome opportunity to meet my fandom friends at the convention as well as my friend Lolly when she visited me in Southampton. 
  5. Travel alone for a weekend// I headed to Paris for the weekend and had the most amazing weekend. 
  6. Complete my NVQ Level 3 in Marketing // I finally managed to get this finished with just a few months to spare. I am so happy I managed to complete this before I went away and before my birthday which originally was deadline day! 
  7. Go to Australia // I headed to the Gold Coast and Sydney in July 2018! Back to the mothership and I had the most amazing time! 
  8. Travel Alone for a week // This kinda goes hand in hand with number 7 and kills two birds with one stone. I headed to Sydney for a week on my own when I was in Australia. 
  9. Visit a UK city I have never been too before //  I visited Birmingham in November 2017 for work and I also visited Leeds and Newcastle for work as well. 
  10. Learn another Language//
  11. Go to a Wedding //
  12. Volunteer // I have always enjoyed volunteering and have done a lot of it in the past and would love to do more of it this year. I spent two days working in my local charity shop which was a really eye opening experience. 
  13. Make a new friend // Expanding your friendship group is never a bad thing and I really want to meet some new people this year. I have made quite a few new friends in the blogging world and fandom world recently! Most notably Jo and Bex. 
  14. Go to the movies on my own // I went to go and see the Maze Runner on my own and adored the film as well as the experience! I was the only one in the screening but it was bliss! 
  15. Go on a Date //
  16. Read 25 books in a year // I really enjoy reading and want to keep the momentum going this year and complete 25 books before I turn 25. – I smashed this one so quickly! By March I had that target hit! I have read well over 50 books this year. 
  17. Learn how to cook //
  18. Try out 5 new restaurants // I am always guilty of heading to my old favourites but I think it is time to try and find some new haunts. – 1. Listeria. 2. Lakaz Maman 3. Saiko Tepenyaki 4. Justin Lane and 5. Mecca Gold Coast 
  19. Go on a weekend away with a friend //
  20. Have a professional photoshoot //
  21. Get a second income //
  22. Get a bikini Wax // So I decided that waxing wasn’t for me but there is a local beauticians who does Sugaring which is WAY less painful and more natural than waxing and it is now something that I include regularly in my beauty routine. 
  23. Grow my hair dye out // This is something that I have started pretty much as soon as I was 24. Don’t get me wrong, I love my highlights but they are so expensive to get done and I would rather keep the money and time in my pocket for other things. This as ever is an ongoing process and there is still plenty of blonde around even though I stopped getting it dyed almost a year ago. 
  24. Watch 50 films // Anyone who knows me knows I am more of a TV person than a movie person so I will always choose a box set binge over a film but I have a list of films i want to watch as long as my arm so i really want to get started on this and think 50 is a great place to start and I absolutely smashed it! Some of my personal favourites included: Gifted, Baywatch, Spiderman Homecoming, San Andreas, Maze Runner Trilogy, Love Simon, Black Panther and Jumanji (mmm lots of The Rock and Alex Daddario here I see)
  25. Drive on the motorway// I learn to drive almost 4 years ago now and i still haven;t been on the motorway. This is definitely something I want to tick of this list as it means I can explore more places. I did it! I did it! I did it! This is definitely the thing on this list i am the most proud of. 

In the grand scheme of things completing 18 is a really great achievement and the most things I have ever crossed off of a _ before_ list.

Watch out my 26 before 26 is coming next week.



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