Charlotte’s Travel Life: Things I Learnt When Solo Travelling

I am extremely new to the solo travel game having only currently done it twice! (but I have a few more trips in the pipeline). But it is amazing just how much you can learn in such a short space of time. I would recommend solo travel to anyone!

Here are the 10 things I learnt about myself, the world and life whilst I was solo travelling.

  1. I learnt alone time is good for the soul – travelling on your own is the perfect excuse to enjoy your own company. With no one else around, there is now one around to tell you what to do and no one you need to make compromises for. You do what you want when you want and there is something incredibly freeing about that.
  2. I learnt Facing your fears isn’t as scary as you once thought – I was petrified of solo travel before I did it the first time but with each knew time it gets easier and easier. Yes there my may be bumps along the way but you will be more equipped to deal with it.
  3. I learnt what kind of traveller I am – I am a sightseer, I am a go getter, I am a shopper, I don’t like to be sat too still for too long. I don’t do hostels and I want to be out seeing all the city/country has to offer rather than sitting by a pool or beach.
  4. I learnt that your intuition is usually always right – think you are lost. You probably are ?. Think that park looks dodgy, it probably is. Safety is key when solo travelling so when you feel like something is not quite right, take extra precautions to look after yourself.
  5. I learnt just how strong I am – I thought that I couldn’t do it, that I wasn’t strong enough, wasn’t independent enough but I proved myself wrong. Things may go wrong, or not the way you planned but that’s how you get stronger dealing with situations as they arise.
  6. I learnt experiences > material purchases – I would rather come away with a thousand memories than a thousand souvenirs or items of shopping. You are likely to love the item for a bit but an experience not only is something that you will always remember but is also something that can influence who you are as a person:
  7. I learnt not to care what others think about me – plenty of people have said to me but isn’t it awkward eating out on your own don’t you feel self conscious. To start with hells yeah I did, but you know what I decided I didn’t care what other people thought of me and went about my own business. Plug in some music, read a book drown out the outside noise.
  8. I learnt that long distance friendships are just as meaningful – during and after my travels the people I have met are my cheerleaders. They champion my dreams, encourage my travels and help me through mundane day to day stuff but if I had never taken the leak they wouldn’t be in my life today and well that just wouldn’t do!
  9. I learnt you should always climb the bridge – As the saying goes you will never regret doing something but once your trip is over and you didn’t do the thing that’s when regret hits. I was uming and ahing about wether to climb Sydney Harbour bridge but I’m so glad I did because it was one of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve had to date.
  10. I learnt that being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely – travelling along in my experience actually means people are more likely to approach you. I solo travelled to a convention in Paris and was surrounded by 600 like minded, accepting creative humans and I didn’t feel alone for a second!

And that’s a wrap on just a few things I’ve learnt from my solo travels. Have you done any solo travelling if so what did you learn about yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

Love and Laughs

Charlotte xoxoxo

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