{ADGIFTED} Spider-Man: Far From Home at Vue Eastleigh

*full disclosure: my cinema ticket were kindly gifted but all opinions are my own.

A few months ago, I was kindly invited to trial a new initiative taking place at my local cinema. Unfortunately the great initiative didn’t survive the trial but the lovely PR for the Vue welcomed me back with open arms to try another film entirely of my choosing!

I have been desperate to see the new Spider-Man: Far From Home so my film of choice was a no brainer and I got the PR to book me in for 1.30pm. Tickets at the vue can be purchased both online and in store. Ticket collection is done from the kiosks inside the foyer.

I’ve always loved Spider-Man, I think it is one of my fave marvel characters and sets of movies. Spider-Man: Far From Home really is what it says on the tin. Peter Parker finds himself in danger when he is on a school trip in Europe. Peter doesn’t want to bring the spidey suit with him so much so he leaves it behind. But you should know that havoc follows him everywhere he goes. Nicky Fury enlists his help when elementals start to cause trouble across the continent.

I absolutely adored the film! It was face-paced, full of twists and turns and it made me both laugh and cry! Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jake Gyllenhal absolutely smash it in this film. The room was still pretty packed considering it has been out for a few weeks and the audience, of all different ages where thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The foyer to the Vue is pretty huge with a large seating area and plenty of choice in the food and drink department. Retail includes Popcorn, Pick and Mix, Nachos and Hot Dogs but the Eastleigh Vue also has Ben and Jerries!!

Until recently, I hadn’t gone to the Vue in years but It is so nice to have a space practically on my doorstep to experience the latest movies. The Eastleigh site has 9 screens and 1490 seats making it the perfect space for everyone to enjoy a little escape from reality.

Charlotte xx


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