[AD GIFTED] Día de Muertos at Wahaca Southampton

Wahaca invited me and the lovely group of Southampton bloggers to their restaurant to celebrate Día de Muertos with a dinner party!

We had the whole of the upstairs to ourselves and two dedicated servers and hosts who were a delight the whole evening! They decorated the upstairs with skulls, flowers, banners and flower crowns to create a little nook of Mexican culture for us to enjoy.

This marks my first visit to wahaca but I have heard lots of good things about the restaurant from master chef winner Tomasina Myers.

I didn’t know much about the holiday going into this but Day of The Dead is celebrated every year to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.

The first major point I have to say is how impressed I was with their attention and understanding with allergies and intolerances. They provided me with my own special versions of all the food and were checking with me throughout and explaining the substitutes they had made. This is much appreciated, I am pretty knew to having to ask for specialised food so the care they gave me was much appreciated.

First off was a master class in Margaritas with the girls getting stuck into making everyone’s favourite Mexican cocktail! I don’t drink so they were kind enough to give me a Virgin mojito which was so delicious!

The first dish of the night is always a staple in my diet! Corn chips and vegan guacamole! It’s so simple yet so delicious! They had the perfect blend of spices which meant there was a kick but it didn’t blow your brains!

Being gluten intolerant meant it was Tacos, Tacos and more Tacos on the menu for me and I couldn’t have been happier! I haven’t had tacos in years but they are so delicious!

First off was this gorgeous platter of three different tacos!

  • Chicken and avocado taco with ancho rub, guacamole and green tomatillo salsa…
    Plantain taco with hibiscus
    Slow-cooked beef taco with mild spices, served with black beans

The chicken and avocado was my favourite by far so damn delicious! With the slow cooked beef in a close second, the spices and flavours on both were amazing. I’m still not sure what to make of the plantain taco, there’s something about a cooked banana that just doesn’t sit right with me!

Next was the delicious steak tacos with avocado which they adapted for me! It was very delicious, a little rare for me personally but still tasted amazing!

By this point I was about 90% corn, but that didn’t stop me for eating one last Chicken and avocado taco! They are just THAT good!

No meal is complete without a desert and I decided in for a penny in for a point and risked it with churros! They are my favourite desert ever and I was willing to have a suffer the consequences (surprisingly there was none)! They even made me vegan chocolate sauce!

Overall, I had a brilliant time and amazing first time experience at Wahaca! Thank you for the team for having us and to Alice at Sotonbloggers for arranging! It was a great evening of food, friends and culture!

Until next time,

Charlotte xx


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