Updated Skincare Routine

Nothing beats an old school back to basics blog post and I love nothing more than reading people’s skincare routines so I thought I would do an updated version of my own!

I have a very love hate relationship with skincare. Some months I do it rigorously and others I really struggle to get on board with it and sometimes miss doing it altogether 🙊

However over the last few months I have become MUCH better at sticking to it so here are the products I have been loving these past few months.

First up is my makeup removers. I start off with The Bodyshop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter. This is so smooth and soft on the skin and does an amazing job at getting rid of all the makeup I have on my skin. If something is EXTREMELY hard to remove like waterproof mascara I use the Clarins Instant Makeup Remover.

Next up is my second cleanser which is again from The Bodyshop and is there Tea Tree Cleansing Wash which does an amazing job at making my skin feel fresh and clean.

Up next is the ESPA Balancing Herbal Spa fresh Spritzer which is my Toner of choice which is enriched with essential oils and flower waters to refresh and purify the skin. Peppermint refines pores and revives the complexion, while Witch Hazel and Elderflower help to maintain skin’s natural pH balance for beautifully clear, revitalised skin.

The next stage of my skincare routine is the moisturising section. And both of my holy grail products are from Clinique. First up is the All About Eyes eye cream. The cream reduces puffiness and minimises dark circles and fine lines which as my life gets busier is something I definitely need. My moisturiser is the Clinique Moisture Surge which is something I discovered as it is my mums favourite as well. It is a light gel like cream which keeps your skin hydrated for over 72 hrs.

On top of this is the Rose Nivea lip balm which is great in the winter months to keep your lips soft and the Body Shop Skin Defence SPF which I use as my facial sun cream equivalent. It glides onto the skin and provides you with that all important protective layer.

That sums up my skincare routine but sometimes everyone loves a little pamper and to do that I use two products.

My favourite face mask is The BodyShop Tea Tree Cleansing Clay Mask. You leave it on for 15 or so minutes and your skin feels so clean, so fresh and a little bit tingly! I then will use one of my collection of Sephora Eye Masks! They are so nice and refreshing especially in the summer if you put them in the fridge.

And that’s a wrap on my skincare routine. How does it match up to yours? Let me know in the comments below what your favourite skincare products are.

Love and laughs

Charlotte x


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  1. March 7, 2020 / 8:42 pm

    I love All About Eyes by Clinique, it’s perfect for this time of the year. I’d love to try the Camomile cleansing butter, I’ve heard great things about it

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