[AD GIFTED] Three Headline Eternal Romance novels to get you through the summer!

Headline Eternal – the romance offshoot of Headline Publishing has been absolutely slaying the game with its new releases.

Here are some of my favourites I have read the last few weeks:

Party of Two by Jasmine Guilleroy

I absolutely adore Guillory’s books and this is no exception. The story follows Olivia who is restarting her life after starting a partnership law firm and Max, a Senator she meets at a bar one night. The highs and lows of high profile dating are explored and the pressure that it entails.
The chemistry between Olivia and Max is off the charts and you can’t help but want them to be together! A great summer read perfect for whiling away a few hours on the beach, by the pool or in the garden.

A Sweet Mess by Jayci Lee

Forbidden Romance and a story based around cooking what’s not to love!⁣

A Forbidden Romance and a story based around cooking what’s not to love!⁣ ‘A Sweet Mess’ is a light-hearted romance book about Aubrey, who is a small bakery owner, and Landon, who is a famous food critic. After a cake-mix up leads to Landon writing a harsh review about Aubrey’s bakery, Landon decides to try to help Aubrey by giving her a chance on a new cooking show which he is producing. However, before Landon wrote the review, him and Aubrey had a one-night stand with both of them not knowing who the other person was or what they did for a living.⁣

I flew through this book in two days and adored the characters of Aubrey and Landon. The chemistry is off the charts and whilst the storyline is predictable at times it feels you with all the warm and fuzzies just the same. With great topics discussed and equally as interesting minor characters it is a book that could easily be developed into a series. ⁣

The Best Man Plan by Jaci Burton

Absolutely adored this book which follows Erin who’s fiancé left her a few days before her wedding with no real explanation. She has been friends with Owens best man Jason since she was a kid and their relationship seems to be developing into something more but neither of them rest know where they stand with each other.

I absolutely adored this book and flew through it so unbelievably quick.


What are your favourite romance novels that have been recently released? Let me know in the comments below

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